Do you have bats in your attic? Raccoons in your crawl space? Squirrels running around your ceiling joists? Groundhogs living under your deck? Or geese startling customers and making a mess all over your parking lot?

Evict   Exclude   Prevent   Reunite

If you have any wildlife living in, around or under your home or business, call
SCRAM! Wildlife Control for a
natural, humane and permanent solution.

Our Mission
Provide superior, permanent solutions to prevent and resolve conflicts between people and Ohio’s wildlife.

At SCRAM!, we work in tune WITH the animals to get them to leave your home, make it so they can’t come back in, prevent other wildlife from entering your home, and even reunite babies with their parents to keep wild families intact (outside of your home, of course!).

Natural   Humane   Permanent

What’s That Noise?

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